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Use these free resources to back up your ideas with data or plan your next career move. We also added a few digital swag items just for fun. Show them off on Twitter or Instagram using #DevEconomics!

State of the Developer Nation - 19th edition 

Get insights about burning developer issues in this free report. Read about: COVID-19 impact on developers, programming language communities global growth in 2020, who is really into DevOps, what developers value in open source, and more.

One Million Dev Club

This is a live watchlist of developer communities (large-scale tech platforms, open-source, language communities etc.) featured against the 1-million registered developers benchmark. Is your tribe on the list? Find out.

Hack The Box Academy - Learn Cybersecurity

GET, POST, PUT, DELETE... Sound familiar? Learn everything about "Web Requests" with HTB Academy, an online cybersecurity university created by Hack The Box, the most massive ethical hacking playground. Understand how web applications communicate and build a hacking mindset. The course is FREE! Just sign up and get 30 free cubes.


Developer Trends

View global average data trends in mobile, cloud, desktop, IoT, web, AR/VR, machine learning and data science, and game development. Use the data to support your project ideas, write a blog post or plan your next career move.

Who and why

contributes to

open source?

Open-source software contributors are a diverse group of people. Get the most important insights in this infographic. Use them when deciding on your next open source project. 

AR/VR Creator Ecosystem

Want to go back the names of AR/VR tools, technologies, and platforms featured in our Developer Economics 20th edition survey? Refresh your memory with this map and use it to learn more about the world of AR/VR creations.


Population Calculator

There are  20.4 million developers around the world.

Want to know more about where they live or what programming language they use? How many are just like you? Use the Developer Population Calculator filters to find out.

Use the data to back up your project choices or even win a Twitter argument!

Free open pass to DeveloperWeek 2021 conference

For more than 10 years, DeveloperWeek has united the global developer community with 10,000+ engineers, software architects, developers, managers & leaders, and IT & technical executives from 90+ countries.  For 2021, the all-virtual DeveloperWeek 2021 includes:  15 conferences & tracks, 150+ speakers & technical keynotes Live 2-day Virtual Expo (50+ exhibitors), Speaker Q&As/AMAs , 1:1 & group networking, and more.  Get access to Keynotes, 50+ OPEN Talks, product demos, and the Virtual Expo with your free OPEN Pass.

Zoom Wallpapers

Impress everyone on your next Zoom call with these cool Developer Economics branded wallpapers. 

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