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Use these free resources to back up your ideas with data or plan your next career move. We also added a few digital swag items just for fun. Show them off on Twitter or Instagram using #DevNation!


State of the Developer Nation - 23rd edition 

Get insights about 2022 trends in programming language communities, the state of blockchain development, students’ top career aspirations and more!


Discount on CNX coding courses and certifications

Use coupon code DNCCNX20 to receive a 20% discount off any product available on the CNX Store! A wide variety of Artificial intelligence, Data Science, Data Ethics, IoT, and Secure Coding courses and certifications are available.


Get Moodfit Premium free for 60 days

Moodfit provides all the mental health tools in one place including mood mourning, gratitude, mindfulness, breathwork, CBT and more. Moodfit can help you learn what brings your mood up and down, reduce stress, and build resilience for the future. Use program code DEVNATION60 to get 60 days free.


Developer Population calculator

"Want to know more about where they live or what programming language they use?
Unlock answers to your questions using the Developer Population Calculator. Use the filters to find the combination that works best for you."


Developer Nation 
Pulse report

Got questions about the latest trends in DevOps, AR/VR, the most popular development areas, and emerging technologies? Discover over a dozen of graphs in our new developer report.


"Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer" eBook

Learn 10 different ways to make money as a developer and diversify your income streams.

Copy of kentico_image.jpg

Get three months of full-featured trial and then continue with the free Developer plan. No need to add any credit cards. is a cloud-based headless CMS that features first-class integration with Gatsby v4, Next.js 12, Nuxt 3, and others. It also offers TypeScript SDK and supports all major platforms with REST API and GraphQL.
Plus, everyone who will claim the offer via the link will be included in an extra draw for 3 Kontent SWAG boxes that will contain hoodie, bag, water bottle, bag, stickers and more!


Cut Your Cloud
Bills in Half

Deploy more with Linode's Linux virtual machines, global infrastructure, and simple pricing. No surprise bills, no lock-in, and the same price across every data center. Easily launch and enrich applications, hosted services, websites, AI & machine learning workloads, gaming services, and more. Receive $100 in free credit today.


Get 3 months of a full-featured Starter Plan and then continue with the free Community Plan.

Use coupon code developernation2022 to get 3 months of a full-featured Starter Plan and then continue with the free Community Plan. The code is active till February 10th, 2023.
mogenius is a developer-centric cloud platform that makes running and scaling cloud-native applications simple and efficient. Its automated cloud infrastructure maximizes the performance and scalability of software development and makes it future-proof.

DevNation_DevZero (1).png

Cloud Developer Environments Built for Enterprise

Accelerate developer productivity and increase quality of your developer life by creating production-like environments hosted in the cloud that you as an engineer can use ephemerally with an IDE of your choice with DevZero. Onboard engineers in minutes to any project, switch projects seamlessly, iterate on product and features in real time, and control cloud spend while maintaining the speed and security of remote development. As a thank you for taking the Developer Nation survey, we are offering an exclusive deal of 1 free month (valued at $150) to try DevZero. Additionally, everyone who claims the offer via the link and completes the short form will be entered into a draw to win 1 of the 3 iPads.

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the survey and win $1,000!

If you enjoyed the survey, invite other developers to take part for a chance to win cash prizes!

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